Over the weekend, particularly Sunday, I was feeling crafty and decided to turn something ugly into something beautiful!  When we were visiting Fort Worth, John’s Uncle Sam and Aunt Madelene took us to the Kimbell museum, where I was attracted to a painting by Piet Mondrian called Abstraction (pictured on the left).  When I saw it, I not only thought “wow, that’s super cool, I love it”, I was also thinking “wow, that looks like something I could make”!

Recently at DT, we were cleaning out the supply closet, and I snatched up a canvas that was destined for the garbage and determined to make myself a little craft.  And I did!  And it came out awesome!  And I’m super pumped!  Can’t wait for you all to see the newest addition to the Penthouse Penthouse in person when you come visit! ;-)  Check out how awesome it came out in the pics below!!

The finished product, I love it!!  And since it was custom- the colors match perfect with our apartment!

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