Back when we first got to San Diego and were living in our temporary apartment, I found this awesome chest for $5 on Craigslist.  In case you just skimmed over that sentence, the chest only cost FIVE DOLLARS!  Aside from being super excited, I immediately knew what I wanted to use the chest for – a custom litter box!

Living in a studio provides little space for two people, let alone a cat, so I really didn’t want a stinky litter box that physically looked like a litter box in the middle of our living room/kitchen/bedroom.  So, I decided to build one myself, and this chest was my golden ticket to success.  Read about how the re-do went down below!

We started out by drilling some holes for the hand saw.

Then we got the saw going to cut the square for our cat door.  We were soon ready for the cat-door installation!

 We purchased a $20 cat door from Home Depot that we were able to really easily install into our newly-cut hole.  Success, Woohoooo!

The chest is really big compared to a normal litter box, so ours holds not only the litter box itself, there’s room for a litter mat, and ample storage for litter and such! And when the lid is closed, no one will even be able to tell!  Awesome sauce!

In total, the litter box cost us about $30.  The chest was $5, the cat door was $20, and the plastic litter box I found was $6.  Super awesome, and very discreet!  The concealed litter box will be in our hallway, and I’ll post more pictures of the hallway once it gets more decorated!  :)

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